This ole house

49 days. That’s how long we have before we move. 49 days! It seems like ages, but it’s going to fly by, isn’t it?

I was cutting the grass a few weeks ago (possibly for the last time!) and I got to reminiscing about moving in here. I bought this place about 6 1/2 years ago. It was sold by a man who was executor of his mother’s estate. The family had lived their entire lives here. As soon as I walked in to view it, I knew it was where I wanted to be. It had a lovely feel to it, and I just knew I could make it into the home Nuggs and I needed.

It was a complete renovation project. I could list everything I did, but suffice it to say that at one point there was nothing but bare walls, stripped wood and floorboards. In fact, the floorboards were up at one point as well. It was a long process. Thankfully, we were living with my parents at the time, so I had no financial pressures or time constraints. Still, it took 8 months to renovate. Long enough.

We moved in January 2008, on the weekend of my 30th birthday in fact. It felt like a whole new chapter in my life. I was beginning to find life again after splitting with my ex, and as much as I adore my folks for putting us up for so long, it was time to be our own little family. Just the two of us. Buying this flat was one of the best decision I ever made.

It turned out to be exactly the place I hoped it would. It’s been the comfortable home that has looked after us and kept us safe and warm (mostly, the boiler can be a bit temperamental). Without wanting to blow my own trumpet, I made a shell of a flat into a lovely, comfortable home. And we’ve been very happy here.

It has also become the first home that the Giraffe and I have shared. She just fitted into our lives so perfectly that it’s become difficult to remember what life was like B.G.*

I looked around recently at the few things I didn’t do before moving in. There is the hideous front door that I have always hated, the fire and surround that I didn’t have the money to change, the woodwork that could have done with at least one more coat (but after the 5 it already had, I’d had enough of painting). All things that I meant to get round to doing one day. Now, things that someone else can do. They’re not mine any more.

I have a new house to focus on now. A new house that needs a fair bit of painting. But I also have someone to do it with this time. Someone to argue** with colours about, someone to make a new home with. I can’t wait!

We’re both desperate to start packing, but it’s far too soon. We could probably pack the whole house in a couple of days. If we start now, we’ll just be tripping over boxes for weeks. We have, however, cleared out the shed and a (very small) cupboard. I think that’s quite restrained of us…

*Before Giraffe

**We won’t really argue. She’s already told me I’m picking colours.


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