To buy or not to buy? That is the question…

The Giraffe and I have been planning to buy a house at “some point” for a while now. When she moved in, we had a point the future of about 18 months to 2 years in our heads. That hasn’t stopped us looking already though. 

We went to see a place last night. A fairly standard 3 bed semi, in a relatively nice area. We have been looking at it online for a while, but the price dropped last week to something more like what we think it’s actually worth, so we decided to go and see what we thought. It’s fairly modern inside (expect the bathroom. That’s HIDEOUS! Usable and clean and perfectly fine, but HIDEOUS) but would need bits and bobs doing to it over the next five years or so. It would eventually need a new kitchen, some of the windows need to be replaced, the front garden needs to be flattened and paved, things like that.  Things that, if we stayed where we are, would need to be done to this place anyway. 

We went in with a list of specific things we wanted to check out. We looked round with a very analytical eye. Both of us were mentally making a pros and cons list in our heads as we went. When we got home, we wrote that list down. It’s fairly balanced and fair. It’s also pretty equal between the columns. The evening was spent pulling the house apart (figuratively, obviously) and deciding what would need to be done when, what we could live with, what we would want to do before we moved in, all the things you absolutely should do before you  consider spending that amount of money.

However, talking about it this morning, we realised that neither of us LOVED it. Neither of us would be devastated if it was sold tomorrow and we didn’t even get to have a second viewing.


Both of us tend towards practicalities. Is the way we viewed the house just a result of that? We have spoken at length about the kind of house we want, what level of ‘needs work’ we are prepared to commit to. So is it surprising that we went in with the perspective we did? 

It’s a nice house, I can see us living there, it’s in one of the areas we would like to be. But is that enough? Is the lack of love a sign we shouldn’t go for it?

Answers on a postcard please. 


6 thoughts on “To buy or not to buy? That is the question…

  1. What is the reason for waiting? You kids aren’t gettin’ any younger, you know!? 😉

    I’m kidding.

    I’d say, while there is no rush to move, don’t move for something you don’t love. Keep looking, something may pop up and steal your heart. If the rush to move becomes a little more urgent, if you start approaching that 2 year mark, when you originally planned to move, then that’s the time to start being a little more objective and practical, the time to start realising that nothing made you fall in love already, so ‘perfectly fine’ will do.

    • The reason for waiting is mainly money. The longer we stay here, the more we can save, the bigger the deposit we can put down, etc.

      Last night’s house didn’t feel like a home. It didn’t feel like the family living there loved it, it was just where they stay. I do wonder if that had anything to with our lack of feeling.

      We’re not jumping quickly, that’s for sure. We’re both far too old and sensible for that 😉

  2. I would always recommend buying a place, especially if you are renting now. Why pay someone else’s bills? That being said, we bought our house very quickly (it was my grandma’s) so we never had that chance to look around for the perfect house. We didn’t love it at first, it needed lots of work, but the timing and price were right at the time. We have never looked back and never regretted it. Is it perfect? No. But it’s ours and we love it.

    • I own the flat we’re in at the moment. I think if we were renting we would have looked much more quickly.

      That’s what I’m wondering. Do we go for a place that we don’t necessarily adore, but that we will grow to love as we make our own. Or should there be that instant flash of ‘we must have this house’? I just don’t know the answer.

      • Since you already own, it’s less of a rush. You could make any place your own, so I would say go with your gut feeling. If it really freaks you out when you think about it, it’s not the right one. Good luck, whatever you decide:)

  3. I’m torn. I liked the house enough to say “yes, let’s put an offer in”, but I sort of feel sorry for it. I want it to be loved by its owners – and they don’t. I think we would. They strike me as a profiteering bunch who’ve done things on the cheap. That’s where my alarm bells ring.

    I like lots about it. However I don’t love lots about it. My problem is, I’ve never fallen in love with a property and knew I had to have it.

    Mind you, I said that about love in general, and look what happened there……..

    Maybe we need to go and see a friend’s house being demolished? Isn’t that the housing equivalent of a friend’s funeral?

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